Author: mchen1

Publication 22

Bo L, Stokes C, Fahie MA, Chen M, Golovchenko JA and Hau LV: Protein Dynamics of a form-fitting protein in a nanopore: Avidin in ClyA. 2018, Biophysical J, 115 (5): 801-808.

Publication 21

Wolfe AJ, Gugel JF, Chen M and Movileanu L: Detergent Desorption of Membrane Proteins Exhibits Two Kinetic Phases. 2018, J Phys Chem Lett, 9, 1913–1919.

Publication 20

Fahie MA, Liang L, Avelino AR, Pham B, Limpikirati P, Vachet RW and Chen M: Disruption of the open conformation of the transmembrane α-helical barrel in the β-tongue deletion mutants of Cytolysin A. Sci Rep, 2018, 8:3796.

Publication 19

Perez-Rathke A, Fahie MA, Chisholm C, Liang J and Chen M: Mechanism of OmpG pH-dependent gating from loop ensemble and single channel studies. J Am Chem Soc, 2018, 140 (3), 1105–1115

Publication 18

Wolfe AJ, Si W, Zhang F, Blanden AR, Hsueh Y-C, Gugel JF, Pham B, Chen M, Loh SN, Rozovsky S, Aksimentiev A and Movileanu L: Detergent desolvation-induced protein unfolding is driven by the balance of adhesive and cohesive interactions. J

Publication 17

Li X, Huang J, Holden MA and Chen M: Peptide mediated membrane transport of macromolecular cargo driven by membrane asymmetry. Anal Chem, 2017, 89 (22): 12369–12374.

Dr. Monifa Fahie

Congratulations to Mo for passing her final defense! Thank you for your excellent contributions to the Chen group.


Wolfe AJ, Hsueh Y-C, Blanden AR, Mohammad MM, Pham B, Thakur AK, Loh AK, Chen M and Movileanu L: Interrogating Detergent Desolvation of Nanopores. Anal Chem, 2017, 89(15):8013-8020.

Gisele’s Poster Award

Congratulations to Gisele for winning a poster award at the Chemistry Undergraduate Poster Session.  Well done! Gisele!


Lin M, Zhang G, Fahie MA, Morgan LK, Chen M, Keiderling TA, Kenney LJ and Liang J, Computational Design and Experimental Characterization of Monomeric Porin OmpGF. BBA biomembranes, 2017, 1859(7):1180-1189.