Distance learning (Hampshire Gazette, 03/17/20) 

Story about Chemistry classes converting to distance learning methods

General Chemistry
Chem 121H and 122H Honors General Chemistry

These classes are largely lecture-format courses, which is great for covering some of the more technical material. There are a few student projects that allow for creativity and deeper understanding. The projects include individual students writing about an element for a Web-based periodic table.
This is a 2 credit course to train peer-leaders in educational theories and approaches suitable to team-based problem solving. Peer-Led Team-Based Learning.

First Year Seminars
Indigenous Chemical Technologies
Nuclear Chemistry: Imaging and Energy

These are weekly seminars that explore the connection between chemistry and important societal issues. Chemical techniques are foundational for civilizations, and it is always surprising to see the level of sophistication in many areas, such as metal and ceramic arts. Similarly, the elegant and simple chemistry involved in many nuclear reactions provide

Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 341 Inorganic Chemistry Lecture
Chem 342 Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Inorganic Chemistry is a little bit like general chemistry, but the concepts are developed several steps further. The main learning goals are modern bonding models, molecular orbitals theory, and crystal field theory for transition metals.