Graduate Students

Maryam Kashefi LinkedIn

Ph.D. 2018: Chemoreceptor Dynamics and Signaling: NMR Measurements within Functional Complexes

Xuni Li LinkedIn

Ph.D. 2018: Hydrogen Exchange Identifies Protein Interfaces and Signaling-related Changes in Functional Chemoreceptor Arrays

Elizabeth Haglin LinkedIn

Ph.D. 2017: Assembly and Functional Architecture of Bacterial Chemoreceptor Nanoarrays

Seena Koshy LinkedIn

Postdoctoral Fellow with Sophia Koo, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Ph.D. 2013: Differences between Bacterial Chemotaxis Receptor Signaling States Revealed by a Novel Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry Approach

Fe Sferdean

Data Curation Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan

Ph.D. 2011: Clustering Independence of Ligand Affinity and Kinase Activity of Reconstituted Bacterial Chemotaxis Receptors: Insights into Signaling Mechanisms

Dan Fowler

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, University of Vermont

Ph.D. 2010: Quaternary Structure of Chemoreceptors in Active Signaling Complexes Differs from Crystal Structure of Isolated Fragments: Evidence from Solid-state NMR

Shiela Jones LinkedIn

  • QC Lab Technician, InChem Corp, South Carolina, then
  • Health Physicist, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

M.S. 2010

Greg Gallagher

Teacher, John Handley High School, Virginia

Ph.D. 2006: Solid-state NMR Measurements of Depths and Distances in Membrane Peptides and Proteins

Syed Peeran

Surgeon, York Hospital, Maine

M.S. 2004: Probing the Secondary Structure of the HAMP Linker Domain in the Serine Chemotaxis Receptor Using Solid-State NMR

Owen Murphy

  • TranXenoGen, Massachusetts, then
  • Teacher, Nashoba Regional High School, Massachusetts

Ph.D. 2001: Structural changes between signaling states of bacterial chemoreceptors by solid-state NMR and hydrogen-exchange

Binu Isaac

Pharmaceutical Discovery Division, Abbott Laboratories, Illinois

M.S. 2000: Solid-state NMR distance measurements provide insight into the structure and mechanism of transmembrane signaling in the serine receptor

Eleonora Del Federico

Professor, Dept. of Mathematics & Science, Pratt Institute, New York

Ph.D. 2000: Multi-spin REDOR measures the binding pocket structure and explores the topology of the membrane-bound serine chemoreceptor

Yael Balazs LinkedIn

  • NMR Facility Manager, Dept. of Chemistry, Technion University, Israel, then
  • Analytical and Structural Chemistry NMR Specialist, AstraZeneca, Waltham, MA

Ph. D. 1999: Site-directed solid-state NMR distance measurements test mechanisms of transmembrane signaling in bacterial chemotaxis receptors

Stacy Seeley

Professor and Head, Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Kettering University, Michigan

Ph. D. 1995: Unusual Properties of the Aspartate Receptor Cytoplasmic Fragment: Flexible Structure & Slow Dissociation


Michael Harris, postdoc 2010-2014 LinkedIn

  • Applications Engineer, Bruker Biospin, Massachusetts

Kristin Kumashiro, postdoc 1995-1997 LinkedIn

Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Hawaii

Jianxin Wang, postdoc 1993-1997

Recent Undergraduates

Brianna Manning, ’20PREP Scholar, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Seth CowanChemistry major, Penn State Erie
Dominique (Kiki) Carey, ’19Research Associate, Proteomics Platform at the Broad Institute
William FarrellBiochemistry major, University of Dallas
Karen Li, ’17Clinical Research Coordinator, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, then Medical student, Georgetown University
Adam McConahaBiochemistry major, Eastern Michigan University
Cheyenne HakesBiochemistry major, SUNY Cortland
Meaghan Molloy, ’15Research Study Assistant, Boston Children’s Hospital, then
Medical student, UMass Worcester
Pratichi Mishra, ’15Medical Student, St. George’s University
Justin Charlantini, ’13Medical Student, University of Miami
Kate OtleyChemistry Graduate Student, Yale University
An-Khanh Ives, ’11Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student, NYU Polytechnic
Keyana Tyree 
Julissa GonzalezChemistry Graduate Student, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras
Chris Vercollone, ’10Research Assistant, Brigham & Women’s Hospital; Medical Student, Temple University
Adam Nelson, ’10 
Max Leabo, ’10Associate Bioprocess Engineer, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Ngoc Ho, ’09Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student,
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Amid HamidiMedical student, Medical University of South Carolina
Naima SharafStructural Biology & Biophysics Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh