January 2024: Our group, and many others from UMass, celebrated Katie’s wedding with her in Puerto Rico. Congratulations Katie and Michael!
Researchfest 2023. Back: Tom, Jess; front: Bella, Lynmarie, Katie
November 2022 corn maze. Back: Sarah, Katie; Front: Lynmarie, Tom, Bella, Stanley, Jess
Researchfest 2022: Two award-winning posters from the group, by Katie
… and Jessica!
July 2022 kayaking in Vermont: Lynmarie, Tom, Sarah, Bella, Jess, Katie
May 2022 Drug Design field trip to Roivant: Tom, Bella, Jess, Katie
Holiday spirit 2021: Tom, Katie, Jessica, Lynmarie
Sunset from the lab
August 2021: Thomas Tran with his poster at UMass ResearchFest
View from the lab
July 2021: 8th floor labs kayak outing
June 2021: Nikita’s going away party – Katie, Thomas, Nikita, Jess, Lynmarie
June 2021: Nikita’s going away party
July 2020 Group Photo: Lynmarie, Gulalai, Nikita, Thomas, Jessica, Katie
November 2019: Bri Manning with her poster at ABRCMS 2019 in Anaheim, CA
August 2019: Katie Wahlbeck with her poster at UMass ResearchFest
August 2019: Seth Cowan with his poster on his collaborative summer research in the CURE REU program
June 2019 Group Photo: Aruni, Bri, Nikita, Lynmarie, Thomas, Seth, and Katie
April 2019: Tiernan wins a Best Poster Award at the Chemistry Undergraduate Poster Session
May 2018: Celebrating Maryam’s defense!
Summer 2018 Group Photo: Maryam, Aruni, Nikita, William
May 2018: Graduation for Libbie and Xuni!
April 2018: Kiki presents her poster at the Undergraduate Research Conference.
January 26, 2018: We celebrate Xuni’s PhD defense!
January 2018 Group photo: Libbie, Lynmarie, Xuni, Maryam, Kiki
November 6, 2017: We toast Libbie who just defended her PhD!
August 2017: Kadejah Johnson presents a poster on her summer research in the SPUR program.
May 2017: Kiki Carey receives the ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry.
March 2017: Maryam Kashefi attends the ENC in Asilomar, CA.
Spring 2017: 8th floor international lunch
August 2016: Adam McConaha with his poster on his CURE summer research.
October 2015: Libbie Haglin receiving her Biophysical Journal Outstanding Poster Award at the “Biophysics of Proteins at Surfaces: Assembly, Activation, Signaling” conference held in Madrid, Spain. She presented a poster on “Signaling-related Structural Changes of Chemoreceptor Nano-Arrays”.
Congratulations Libbie!
July 2015: Cheyenne Hakes (right) presents her CURE poster on biofuel-related ABC transporters, a collaborative summer project with Cora Kerber  in Jeff Blanchard’s lab.
Dec 2014: Installation of new NMR instrument.
August 2014: Karen Li presents her CURE poster on her summer project.
Group photo, summer 2014: Libbie, Maryam, Lynmarie, Xuni, Karen
April 2014: Meaghan Molloy’s poster presentation at ACS CT Valley Section Undergraduate Symposium
Winter 2014, He’s rotation presentation:
Lynmarie, Libbie, Pratichi, Michael, Meaghan, He
April 2013: Celebrating Seena’s defense: Aruni, Luis, Libbie, Lynmarie, Seena, Xuni, Michael. Congratulations Dr. Seena!
Group photo, summer 2012: Lynmarie, Libbie, Michael, Seena, Xuni
December 2011: Pratichi FYRE poster presentation
Group photo, winter 2011: Xuni, Seena, Fe, Michael
Summer 2010: Julissa’s CURE poster presentation
Group photo, Spring 2010: Chris, Fe, Dan, Seena
Group photo, Fall 2007: Fe, Dan, Seena
Group photo, Spring 2006: Naima, Fe, Dan
Greg, Owen, Eleonora, Yael, Lynmarie on the Deerfield River.