End of COVID-19 Spring Semester

Hard to believe that we’ve been virtual since March, but cheers to an eventful Spring 2020!! Congratulations to all of our graduates — Joe and Tanya, who finished their Ph.D.’s and undergraduates Cameron and Taylor! We hope to be able to celebrate in person one day!!!

Congratulations to Cameron and Farkas group undergrads!

Cameron successfully defended his honors thesis, “Macrophage Cell Surface Modification via Tumor Microenvironment Peptide Cleavable Linkers” virtually and did a great job!

Several undergrads also received honors from the Department of Chemistry this semester:

–Maya Hegde received the Robert Maxwell Williams Scholarship

–Cameron Sanders received the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry and the Jay A. Pirog Scholarship

–Ryan Thai received the Undergraduate Research Fund Award

Congratulations to all!!!