Graduate Students

G├╝len Yesilbag Tonga

B.S. 2008, M.S. 2010,
Bogazici University, Turkey
Entry year: 2010
Drug Delivery

Ryan Landis

B.S. 2011,
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Entry year: 2011
Polymeric systems for drug delivery and sensing

Moumita Ray

B.S., M.S.,
Presidency College, Kolkata, India
Entry year: 2011
Protein Delivery/Genome Editing

Li-Sheng Wang

B.S. 2007, National Chi Nan U., Taiwan
M.S. 2009, Nat. Tsing Hua U., Taiwan
Entry year: 2012
Protein Films

Akash Gupta

Integrated M.Sc. 2013,
Indian School of Mines, India
Entry year: 2013

Riddha Das

B.Tech. 2007, Calcutta U., India
M.E. 2010, MS University Baroda, India
M.Tech. 2013, IIT Kharagpur, India
Entry year: 2013

Yuanchang Liu

B.S. 2010, Hebei Normal U., China
M.S. 2013, St. John’s University, USA
Entry year: 2013

Joseph Hardie

B.S. 2013,
The College of New Jersey, USA
Entry year: 2013
siRNA Delivery

Yi-Wei Lee

B.S. 2006, NCHU, Taiwan
M.S. 2008, NTNU, Taiwan
Entry year: 2014

Yingying Geng

B.S. 2014,
University of Richmond, USA
Entry year: 2014

Cheng Hsuan Li

B.S. 2009, Chung Yuan Christian U., Taiwan
M.S. 2011, Nat. Tsing Hua U., Taiwan
Entry year: 2015

Sanjana Gopalakrishnan

B.S. 2016,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Entry year: 2016

Puspam Keshri

B.Sc. 2013, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
M.S. 2016, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Entry year: 2016

David Luther

B.S. 2016,
State University of New York at Binghamton, USA
Entry year: 2016
Protein Delivery

Xianzhi Zhang

B.S. 2016,
Nanjing University, China
Entry year: 2016
Drug Delivery