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Professor S. Thayumanavan
Office: LGRT 1540
Karen Hakala
Office: LGRT 1502
Dr. Wei Bai
Polymer synthesis, polymeric and supramolecular materials
Office: LGRT 1509
Youngju Bae
Sensing and solar cells
Office: LGRT 1606/1607
Mine Canakci
Office: LGRT 1509
Wardah Ejaz
Stimuli responsive polymeric materials
Office: LGRT 1606/1611
Celia Frieler
Protein delivery via lipogels
Office: LGRT 1611
Jingjing Gao
Protein extraction and sequenced polymers
Office: LGRT 1611
Mallory “Molly” Gordon
Huan “Joy” He
Sensing and diagnostics
Office: LGRT 1509
Ziwen Jiang
Stimuli-responsive materials
Office: LGRT 1509
Piyachai Khomein
Charge transport materials
Office: LGRT 1609
Vikash Kumar
Complementry enzyme-based assembly and disassembly
Office: LGRT 1509
Bin Liu
Small molecular and bio-molecular delivery
Office: LGRT 1607
Oyuntuya Munkhbat
Polymeric tracer for 19F MRI
Office: LGRT 1611
Priyaa Prasad
Biomacromolecule delivery using biodegradable polymers
Office: LGRT 1509
Kishore Raghupathi
Polymeric materials for hydrophilics delivery
Office: LGRT 1509
Krishna R. Raghupathi
Stimuli responsive dendrimers and oligomers
Office: LGRT 1608
Poornima Rangadurai
Stimuli responsive polymers and dendrimers
Office: LGRT 1607
Uma Sridhar
Hui Wang
Protein sensing
Office: LGRT 1607
Sara Wojtas
Encapsulation and release of small molecules
Office: LGRT 1606/1607
Dongsik Yang
Dendrimers and polymeric materials for drug delivery
Office: LGRT 1612
Zheyi Yi
Transdermal delivery
Office: LGRT 1606
Bo Zhao
Biomarker detection and MSI of nanogel
Office: LGRT 1609
Jiaming Zhuang
Supramolecular chemistry
Office: LGRT 1608
Ding Hu
Office: LGRT 1610
Pingsheng Huang
Xiaochi Liu
Office: LGRT 1611
 Byrne, Kevin1Kevin Byrne, Undergraduate Student SeanByrnes3Sean Byrnes, Undergraduate Student
IMG_8629-2Matthew Caissy, Undergraduate Student Nancy 3Nancy Chinnappan, Undergraduate Student
 Estabrook Photo2Daniel Estabrook, Undergraduate Student Bailey Ingalls2Bailey Ingalls, Undergraduate Student
Garrett Loomis, Undergraduate Student Richard1Matthew Richard, Undergraduate Student
DonnieRollings1Donnie Rollings, Undergraduate Student AustinSnyder1Austin Snyder,  Undergraduate Student
Connor Walsh2Connor Walsh, Undergraduate Student Zoya Fan, High School Student